Professional Investigation Services

Vantage was built on a solid understanding of the need for accurate factual reporting and collection of evidence to assist clients across all lines of insurance business from highly complex claims to small scale claims, litigated and unlitigated.

About Vantage Investigations

Our vision is to provide reliable, consistent and timely reporting for clients who want a high level, thorough and professional approach to their investigative requirements.

The early stages after a claim notification is the most important time to speak to the right witnesses, gather key pieces of evidence around the incident in order to put the claim into perspective.  We have the expertise to assist in claims involving large scale construction sites, catastrophic injuries, property damage, personal injury and professional liability.
Our factual investigations aim to highlight circumstances to allow insurers and their advisers to determine policy coverage, liability or fraud and identification of fraud risk factors such as inconsistencies and anomalies.  These factors are crucial to assessing the credibility of witnesses and claims.


Our Services

Vantage offers detailed factual investigations, witness evidence gathering, surveillance and site analysis formulated into a thorough report for clients in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Insurance:

    • General liability

    • Property damage 

    • Workers compensation

    • Motor vehicle accidents

    • Professional liability 

  • Government

  • Family Law matters

  • Corporate investigations

Vantage can assist government agencies in claims against schools or education departments or claims involving child abuse, the police force and local councils.  We are determined to gather evidence that is relevant in a proceeding for advisers to assess the facts in issue.  We also investigate truthful facts surrounding each case for parties involved in family law or employment disputes with a view to achieving fair settlement outcomes.


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The Vantage Approach

A skilled lawyer, Kim has over 8 years experience in civil litigation, due diligence, risk analysis and insurance claims.  She understands the importance of contemporaneous evidence gathering and accurate collection of facts.


Kim has an acute understanding of the legal services industry.  She is keenly perceptive and her background in advising leading insurers, corporate entities and government agencies puts her in an advantageous position when it comes to the pursuit of truthful facts, accurate recording of admissible statements and collection of evidence.